Sketchings by Andrew

Hey guys!

Female character concept

Concept draft on a character I plan on modeling as a game asset. 

Ohm my goodness, your wires are showing…



Got inspired by this depressing article
Some drawings are akin to surfing wikipedia, You start out just trying to find out what year Pink Floyd’s Animals came out, and you wind up knee deep in astrophysics and quantum entanglement. My drawing of a thumbs up turned into a rough drawing of the Egyptian military god of fertility Sobek. 
Giddy up
Those eyes…
I finished making this comic and realized I completely forgot the word balloons… So those are paper cut outs. Any excuse to rock the glue stick!
Aerial Steampunk Alpaca, in acrylic. Painting I did for my awesome sister-in-law Kendra. 
Home is where the scull is. 

Home is where the scull is. 

Water Fire Air Earth, all of the elements in female manifestation. All of em except, you know, tungsten and all those guys…